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    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Study

    A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Innovációs és vállalkozási esettanulmány

    Last updated: 2018. június 22.

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

    EIT Digital Master School

    Embedded Systems technical program

    Critical Embedded Systems specialization

    Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
    VIMIMT06   0/3/0/f 6  
    3. Course coordinator and department Krébesz Tamás István,
    6. Pre-requisites
    Pre-requisite for this course is a completed first year at the entry university.
    7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge

    This course is part of the EIT Digital I&E Minor. The aim of the study is to prepare the students for being able

    • to apply, synthesize and evaluate their prior I&E related learning in a real business case,
    • to conduct business analysis, and to come to decisions in case studies,
    • to select appropriate concept/methods and tools for the analysis,
    • to present their results in a professional manner.
    8. Synopsis

    I&E Study have both individual and group assignment.

    Group assignment:

    Students will work in teams of around 4 students. Each group will be given a business challenge.

    The business analysis shall cover the following steps:

    • Identification of the relevant challenge/question,
    • Acquisition of applicable concepts/methods/tools,
    • Observations (data collection) on a selected part of the case,
    • Analysis and interpretation.

    Individual assignment:

    Student shall accomplish online assignments, which prepare them for the business analysis.

    9. Method of instruction

    Independent and team work under the guidance of the supervisor.

    10. Assessment

    Students are supposed to get acquainted with the subject, accomplish literature survey, conduct analysis and submit a written report. The report should cover the following parts: challenge identification, concept acquisition, data collection, analysis and interpretation, conclusion.

    The instructor may ask teams to prepare an oral presentation at the end of the course.

    Final grade is based 65% on group assignment and 35% on individual assignment grade.

    11. Recaps

    Delayed submission of the report is possible by the end of the week following the courses (supplementary week).

    12. Consultations

    Students are supposed to work both independently and in team on their topics under the guidance of the supervisor. Supervisor is available during the scheduled class meetings, and at optional occasions based on mutual individual agreement.

    14. Required learning hours and assignment
    Kontakt óra 
    Félévközi készülés órákra 
    Felkészülés zárthelyire 
    Házi feladat elkészítése 
    Kijelölt írásos tananyag elsajátítása 
    15. Syllabus prepared by

    Dr. Tamás Dabóczi

    associate professor

    BME - MIT