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    Design Project

    A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Design Project

    Last updated: 2017. május 31.

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
    EIT Digital - Embedded Systems Track - Critical Embedded Systems specialization
    Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
    VIMIML04   0/0/5/f 4  
    3. Course coordinator and department Dr. Sujbert László,
    6. Pre-requisites

    7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge The aim of the subject is that students experience all phases of a design project. Literature search, exact definition of the task, modeling of the observed process, transformation of real-life problems to technical problems, design and realization of hardware/software modules, verification, documentation, presentation of results.
    8. Synopsis Students work on an individual project related to ES. Teams consisting of maximum two students can be formed to a project with two basically separated sub-projects. The exact definition of the project is part of the student's task. Each project has a supervisor, weekly appointment with the supervisor is a must.
    9. Method of instruction Supervised individual work of students.
    10. Assessment Grade is based upon the evaluation of the detailed technical documentation and oral presentation.
    13. References, textbooks and resources Provided by the supervisor depending on the topic of the project.
    14. Required learning hours and assignment
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