Embedded and Ambient Systems

A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Beágyazott és ambiens rendszerek

Last updated: 2016. május 6.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
VIMIA347 6 3/1/0/v 4  
3. Course coordinator and department Dr. Dabóczi Tamás,
Web page of the course http://www.mit.bme.hu/eng/oktatas/targyak/vimia347
4. Instructors Dr. Tamás Dabóczi, associate professor, BME-MIT
5. Required knowledge ---
6. Pre-requisites
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Szakirany("AVIirány", _) VAGY
Szakirany("AVIszgalr", _)
VAGY Training.code=("5NAA7") )

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TárgyEredmény("BMEVIMIAC06", "FELVETEL", AktualisFelev()) > 0)

A fenti forma a Neptun sajátja, ezen technikai okokból nem változtattunk.

A kötelező előtanulmányi rend az adott szak honlapján és képzési programjában található.

7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge

The aim of the subject is to introduce the audience to the design of embedded systems. The architecture of embedded systems will be analyzed based on a special application. The building blocks of the architecture will be investigated, and design considerations will be explained. Specialties of ambient systems will also be investigated.

Students successfully fulfilling the course will be able to

  • select components of the embedded systems for specific task,
  • select processing units,
  • select appropriate communication methods and protocols,
  • integrate the components,
  • process information in distributed systems.
9. Method of instruction lectures
10. Assessment
  1. In the teaching period: midterm exam and homework


  2. In the exam period: written exam


11. Recaps

Mid-term exam can be once repeated during teaching period.

Mid-term exam can be once more repeated in repeat period with applicable fees according to Code of Studies and Exams.

Late homework submission: until the end of repeat period with applicable fees according to Code of Studies and Exams.

Homework cannot be submitted during exam period.

12. Consultations On request, upon agreement with the lecturer in advance
14. Required learning hours and assignment
Preparation for lessons
Preparation for mid-term exam
Preparation for exam
15. Syllabus prepared by
 Dr. Gábor Péceli
 professor MIT
 Dr. Tamás Dabóczi
 associate professor MIT
 Dr. László Sujbert
  associate professor MIT