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    Software Laboratory 2.

    A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Szoftver laboratórium 2.

    Last updated: 2012. november 23.

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
    Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
    VIIIA115   0/0/2/f 2  
    3. Course coordinator and department Dr. Szeberényi Imre,
    6. Pre-requisites
    (TárgyEredmény( "BMEVIEEA112" , "jegy" , _ ) >= 2
    VAGY TárgyEredmény( "BMEVIIIA114" , "jegy" , _ ) >= 2 )

    ÉS NEM (TárgyEredmény( "BMEVIIIAA00" , "jegy" , _ ) >= 2
    TárgyEredmény("BMEVIIIAA00", "FELVETEL", AktualisFelev()) > 0
    TárgyEredmény( "BMEVIIIAA03" , "jegy" , _ ) >= 2
    TárgyEredmény("BMEVIIIAA03", "FELVETEL", AktualisFelev()) > 0)

    ÉS Training.Code=("5N-A8")
    VAGY Training.Code=("5N-MGAIN")

    A fenti forma a Neptun sajátja, ezen technikai okokból nem változtattunk.

    A kötelező előtanulmányi rend az adott szak honlapján és képzési programjában található.

    7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge The objective of this course is to give to the students a solid practical background of the methods presented during lectures and classroom practices of the Basics of Programming 2 course. An important objective is to be acquainted with an integrated development environment.


    Obtained skills and expertise:


    Application of methods presented during lectures and classroom practices.


    8. Synopsis The main goal of this subject is to give the students an opportunity to try their theoretical knowledge in practice, test the algorithms on computers, develop their  programming skills, which are inevitable during their future studies. The laboratory classes follow the topics of the lectures and practice classes of Basics of Programming 2. A long-term individual homework assignment helps reach the goal of the subject. The main topics of the laboratory: Students first learn the non object-oriented features of C++: overloading, default arguments, using cin/cout. Then the concept of objects and classes is approached via a structure and external functions. Different classes are designed and implemented: date, stack, complex number, string etc. Dynamic array of objects and exception handling are examined. Students practice inheritance, virtual member functions, multiple inheritance. Generic classes are introduced and a complex problem is solved using C++.


    13. References, textbooks and resources Bjarne Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language, Addison-Wesley Pub Co; 3rd edition, 2000, ISBN 0-201-70073-5
    14. Required learning hours and assignment
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