Optical Networks Elements

A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Optikai hálózatok elemei

Last updated: 2021. május 25.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Electrical Engineering MSc curriculum

Optical Communication Secondary Secialization 

Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
VIHVMA05 1 2/1/0/v 4  
3. Course coordinator and department Dr. Horváth Péter,
4. Instructors

Dr. Tibor Berceli

professor emeritus


Dr. Attila Hilt


Dr. Péter Horváth

associate professor


5. Required knowledge Infocommunications, Electronics
6. Pre-requisites
NEM ( TárgyEredmény( "BMEVIHVM351" , "jegy" , _ ) >= 2
TárgyEredmény("BMEVIHVM351", "FELVETEL", AktualisFelev()) > 0 )

A fenti forma a Neptun sajátja, ezen technikai okokból nem változtattunk.

A kötelező előtanulmányi rendek grafikus formában itt láthatók.

7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge  The subject provides an overview of the construction, operation and telecommunication characteristics of passive and active elements used in optical communication transmission systems.
8. Synopsis

1. Introduction

2. The optical fibers (types, features, attenuation) 

3. The optical fiber (Dispersion, nonlinearity)

4. Optical Sources

5. Modulation (direct, Mach-Zehnder)

6. Modulation (electroabsorption, phase modulation) 

7. Optical receiver

8. Power budget, noise sources

9.Passzív optical components

10. Optical amplifiers (EDFA)

11. Optical amplifiers (Raman, SOA)

12: Wavelength Division Multiplexing (MUX/DEMUX,

13. Optical filters 

14. Optical switches

9. Method of instruction lectures and practices
10. Assessment

The term requirement is fulfilled by achieving at least 60% of all the points on the homework assignment

Oral  examination in the exam period

11. Recaps Homework can be submitted in the recap week.
14. Required learning hours and assignment
Contact hours42
Preparation for lectures8
Preparation for practices6
Homework assignments24
Preparation for the exam40
Total workload120
15. Syllabus prepared by

Gerhátné Dr. Udvary Eszter

Egyetemi docens