Integrated Design of High-frequency Digital Circuits I.

A tantárgy neve magyarul / Name of the subject in Hungarian: Nagyfrekvenciás digitális rendszerek integrált fejlesztése 1.

Last updated: 2015. március 2.

Tantárgy lejárati dátuma: 2015. június 30.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Electrical Engineering

Elective subject

Course ID Semester Assessment Credit Tantárgyfélév
VIEEAV02   2/0/2/v 4  
3. Course coordinator and department Dr. Szabó Péter Gábor,
4. Instructors
Name: Position: Department:
Dr. Péter G. SzabóAssistant professor
Department of Electron Devices
Dr. Farkas Ferenc Project manager and signal integrity engineerEricsson Hungary Ltd.
Zoltán SzűcsHardware design engineer
Ericsson Hungary Ltd.
Dr. István KollerMaster teacher Department of Networked Systems and Services
Staff of Ericsson HungaryInvited lecturers
Ericsson Hungary Ltd.
5. Required knowledge

Electronics, Digital technics, Electromagnetic fields

6. Pre-requisites

Electromagnetic fields (VIHVA204), Electronics 1. (VIHIA205), Signals and systems 1-2 (VIHVA109, VIHVA200), Digital technics 1-2 (VIIIA104, VIIIA108), Electronics technology (VIETA302).

You cannot obtain credit for this subject if you have already obtained credit for the subject VIEEAV00 Complex design of high frequency digital circuits.

7. Objectives, learning outcomes and obtained knowledge

The subject presents the integrated design methods to develop high speed digital circuits. Beyond giving theoretical knowledge our aim is to describe industry related solutions and to give practical knowledge during the laboratory exercises, where the students get familiar with the integrated design suite of Mentor Graphics.

Throughout the laboratory practices the students acquire knowledge about the data link between the schematic and PCB design, the constraint editor and the thermal and mechanical planning.

11. Recaps

The midterm exam can be retaken once during the study period and once in the retake period. The optional homework can be submitted in the retake period.


12. Consultations

Before the exams consultation is available if previously appointed.

13. References, textbooks and resources

1. Online available lecture presentation

2. Laboratory instruction prepared by the lecturers

3. Tutorials for Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB

14. Required learning hours and assignment
Kontakt óra56
Félévközi készülés órákra10
Felkészülés zárthelyire20
Házi feladat elkészítése14
Kijelölt írásos tananyag elsajátítása10
15. Syllabus prepared by
Name: Position: Department:
 Dr. Márta Rencz
Department of Electron Devices
Dr. Imre Zólomy
ProfessorDepartment of Electron Devices
Dr. Ferenc FarkasProject manager and signal integrity engineerEricsson Hungary Ltd.
Zoltán Szűcs Hardware design engineer
Ericsson Hungary Ltd.
Dr. István Koller Master teacher Department of Networked Systems and Services